Friday, March 27, 2009

Saturday, April 11th

Continuing Improv Comedy on "Second Saturdays" at the Westport Coffeehouse Theatre.

9:00 p.m. (house opening at 8:30 p.m.)


Round One Winner - KILL THE DJ
(Jeremy Alexander, Charley Belle, Jonathan Bender & Ben Brest)
From the trenches of short form improv, the next Goliath of impending Thunderdome doom awaits to seize your humor and strangle it into submission. These Comedy City veterans bring forth their hilariously violent approach and unhealthy temperament as a blood sacrifice to your entertainment appetite. Sensibilities culled from the Midwest, Back East and the North Coast will blow your mind!


Round Two Winners - BABEL FISH
(Mandy Bannon, Patrick Craft, Keith Curtis, Joe Henley, Nathan Stewart & Jim Sturgill)
Babel Fish don’t like to play by the rules. Babel Fish turn things on their head, not because they want to shake the very foundations of the Improv world, but because they are bored. Babel Fish let the world run through their head and spit it up on stage for the sheer joy of living on the edge, and Babel Fish hope you want to come out and play as much as they do.


Round Three Winners - THOSE PEOPLE
(Doug Altman, Amy Virginia Buchanan, Garrett Kelly, Spencer Lott, JT Nagle & Alex Nichols)
Coming off a successful run in Lawrence, THOSE PEOPLE are bringing their peculiar brand of comedy to KC stages. Inspired by the Chicago improv scene, THOSE PEOPLE push the traditional long-form style to the unmitigated limits of absurdity. One audience-suggested axiom/platitude/cliche loses meaning through a series of flat-out bizarre scenes (and some things that may not even qualify as scenes). As much as a good laugh, THOSE PEOPLE appreciate a good blank "WTF?" stare.

Tickets are $10.00

Call 913-375-5168 for reservations

***Reservations for Thunderdome NOT available until 12/27 (two weeks before show)***